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Women, lipstick and Marlboro cigarettes

To travel, packed all the luggage, sitting in the corner, lit a Marlboro cigarette, now nothing more than a cigarette can bring intense pleasure. Many times people are always easy to meet, such as a full meal, a hearty cry, etc., would simply desire to be a small cheap Marlboro cigarette and capture. At the moment, I'm hiding in the corner, while his mouth to reveal a smoke ring, peering at the pile by my torn horrendous luggage, I always feel that something is wrong, something is missing, but always not remember.Smoked a cigarette and one, but still have no clue, and finally myself muttering up empty messy house is not even a voice answered me. Suddenly, I realized that I should bring a few packs of wholesale Marlboro gold cigarettes, as boredom exhausted trip. Once again went to the closet and took a few dresses, pick a few pieces of different colors of lipstick, and some fragmentary snacks, so repeatedly toss, and finally put a duffel bag stuffed full of inner peace of mind can be considered.

I do not know when like cigarettes, it is always a time of tremendous beauty, can be many times I really hate the taste of cheap Marlboro cigarettes, vomiting and aversion to the collapse of energy. Two completely different extreme, but a true reflection of the human heart desires haunting ghosts. Many people say that women can not smoke, certain geographical place, for the woman's prejudice is far greater than the cigarette. Some people duplicity, vowed pointing at you says: "A woman should be like a woman, how can smoke?" I have never been able to understand what these people are nasty woman? Or hate discount Marlboro lights cigarettes? Is the difference between men and women in a between Marlboro red cigarettes? Perhaps far less than these, studies root knot at the end, from the most inner prejudices. Speaking of lipstick, I remember the woman who is wearing a cheongsam movie Shanghai alley, they or elegant, or charming, thin lips coated with lipstick and makeup to match, or station or sit, or cry or laugh, brow has not lost confidence in the secular. For me, the first look for lipstick is married. I think a woman at that time to the ultimate beauty of the soul. Once someone said, and his beloved people make love, she would like to smoke Marlboro cigarettes, gradually became a habit. Smoke to the hearty and wonderfully gentle happiness burning to the commanding heights of the life, seems to be virtually has been a continuation of, she said.

Whether Marlboro cigarettes or lipstick, but is temporarily inhabit the human heart stronghold Bale. Everything will be with the flow of time becomes blurred, the original intention of the things one would like the woman's role small and dark disappear. Marlboro Cigarettes, lipstick, are merely a product of the desire to accumulate after Bale. Buy Marlboro Cigarettes, lipstick, woman, several were completely different, but it is fully compatible, gentle treat each other, recounting the story is not the same, or melancholy, or depression, or romantic ......