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Why do women get lung cancer? Because smoke cigarettes online?

Many women generally do not smoke Marlboro cigarettes online, there is no bad habits, but they are got lung cancer, which is to make a lot of people do not understand, that is what kind of reason for lung cancer this disease also find women?

A survey showed that nearly 8 of lung cancer patients have a long history of smoking. "For non smokers suffering from lung cancer, the main factors from the external environment". 20% of women with lung cancer never smoke, they are suffering from lung cancer, may be because of second-hand smoke. Smoke inhalation of passive smoking on the human body is more harmful than the active smoking, it is more likely to lead to lung cancer, a number of women living with smokers are 6 times more likely to suffer from lung cancer than normal. In addition to Marlboro gold cigarettes, smoke is also an important factor in women's lung cancer. The cooking fume is the main pollution source of the kitchen environment. Women cook opportunities, vulnerable to smoke invasion, if stir Miao, fried food using rapeseed oil, sporadic containing chemical mutagens in the smoke; or is the use of stored for too long the poor quality of the oil, which contains free fatty acids, aldehydes, ketones, when the temperature reaches a certain height, extremely easy to volatilization contains many kinds of harmful substances of lampblack, these soot particles tested proved with the risk of cancer. Investigation shows that the cause of lung cancer in elderly women in particular, the risk factor is 3 times the normal people. But the harm is a chronic, long-term, cause of lung cancer, and has not caused widespread attention of the society and women.However, another hidden carcinogenic "stress" is always in the invisible lower immunity, make cancer cell reproduction deterioration to exploit. Female role strain caused by heavy psychological pressure and mental burden, in the current social transformation period, women this specific professional role and family role in the play, from work, family, emotional and other aspects of the psychological impact, easily lead to female role strain, caused by physically and mentally exhausted, long-term depression, the pressure is too large, there will be some psychosomatic diseases, meanwhile decreased immunity, for lung cancer in women in burying the dangerous bane. It is understood that the early detection of lung cancer cure rate can reach about 80%, but in fact, the vast majority of patients are at the end of the final was found. Therefore, experts suggest, most of lung cancer early symptoms performance for irritating cough, it is recommended over the age of 40, and cough time patients who continued for 3 months, to the hospital to do an inspection, early detection and early cure.

So for women, how to prevent lung cancer? The first is to control the female smoking, to strengthen the publicity of female smoking is more harmful point of view, women, especially young women alertness.With female smokers quit smoking Cheap cigarettes , smoking women to drink tea, but also oral vitamin C tablets, at least 1000 milligrams per day. Secondly, female friends should avoid passive smoking, reduce the harm of kitchen fume. Oncology experts said that smokers don't in the office, conference room, home and public places smoking should be to the circulation of air space or smoking to smoking, women have to take the initiative away from "secondhand smoke" environment. On the other hand should be improve the kitchen ventilation, exhaust fume conditions, change the error of cooking methods, such as don't heat the pot smoke before cooking. Finally, attention should be paid to the early detection of lung cancer, to promote regular health examination. The cough, hemoptysis, chest pain and other disease symptoms to a high degree of vigilance, and promptly to the hospital initially to minimize the disease threat to health. It is very important for women to stay away from lung cancer, after all, only the early detection of lung cancer can increase the disease cure disease. So, lung cancer will find women not only have a relationship with smoking cheap Marlboro cigarettes, but also with some way of life there are links. Study found that if women often deal with smoke, it will have the risk of lung cancer. Because lung cancer will find women, so we suggest that every woman must pay attention to prevent lung cancer.