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Do you think all the cigarettes online are 20?

From the point of view of the common, almost all of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes has 20 cigarettes, but this is almost, and the exception, I lived for more than 20 years, never heard of a pack of Marlboro red cigarettes, only 5, 10 or 21. This is very strange things. Now we have to look at a heavy smoker and share special cigarette packaging, to ensure that everyone eye-opening.

In China, the market sales of Marlboro gold cigarettes, are generally 20 per box standard, but there are still some unusual non selling goods, products smoking, promotional cheap Marlboro cigarettes, special shaped packaging products. For example, China's CHUNGHWA cigarettes have 5 cigarettes for one pack, are generally not for sale, but there are a small amount of listed sales.CHUNGHWA cigarettes also have 12 pieces of equipment, in the market for sale. And Chinese dragon cigarettes, there are 10 installed for sale, there are two rows, each row 5, can not be sold in the market, only for smoking products. L & M cigarettes in the United States have a 14 a pack of cigarettes, China's Lanzhou cigarettes has 16 pens, meaning this auspicious, this can be purchased in the market, China's gold leaf cigarettes, two 10 pens, price envelope, 20 a pack of cigarettes. And even more peculiar is that Hongkong's Chinese Red cigarettes, there are actually 21 loaded, more than a regular cigarette. There are foreign classic Imperial 25 cigarettes, there are 25 cigarettes per pack of cigarettes. Long beach menthol cigarettes,Every pack of cigarettes has 30 cigarettes. More, 40 branch of the Chinese dragon cigarettes, and DHS have 50 installed.These are very special cigarette styles. Have you seen it, I believe most people have never seen. Even people who smoke cigarettes for a lifetime, may not have seen the special packaging of cigarettes.

We now know that cigarettes are so many special packaging, there is not a little bit of curiosity, will you want to try it? I think these special packaging of wholesale Marlboro cigarettes, the price must be very expensive, which belongs to the category of high-grade Marlboro cigarettes, ordinary people is don't want to try, because of the money, but if you are a curious person,you might to try. Most people regard smoking as a hobby, a habit, no one cares whether the packaging of cigarettes in particular, will not go to study is not all cigarettes have 20, because they only care about the taste of cigarettes and processes not appearance. But for those people who like new things, so many styles of cigarettes is particularly worthy of collection, which is kind of fun, I also want to experience the fun, but we have shops here sell only conventional cigarettes, Here can be found a pack of cigarettes in 20 cigarette, but if you want to buy cheaper Marlboro cigarettes, there will certainly satisfy you.